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Institute:University of Amsterdam 
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4-legged league
Active vision
Affective state
Agent-based planning
Artificial landmarks
Automative map generation
Combinatorial optimization
Data Analysis
Decentralized POMDPs
Emotional expression
Human behavior modelling
Humanoid robot
Including communication
Information estimation
Kalman filter
Landmark detection
Laser range scans
Limited communication
Machine learning
Mapping algorithms
Mobile robot localization
Monocular vision
Multi-agent systems
Multi-robot exploration
Multi-robot systems
Multiagent planning
Multiple kinematic chains
Noise models
Omnidirectional camera
Omnidirectional vision
Overview map
Panoramic localization
Robocup rescue
Robot benchmarking
Robot exploration
Robot localization and mapping
Robot rescue
Robot teams
Robot vision
Role-based behaviour
SURF features
Scans matching
Search and rescue robots
Sensor fusion
Sensor validation
Simultaneous localization and mapping
Situation awareness
Task dependent perception
Team coordination
Time-augmented Petri nets
Urban search and rescue
Virtual sensor methodology
Visual SLAM
Visual obstacle detection

Publications as Author


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