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Dimitrakakis, Christos    

Institute:University of Amsterdam 

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Dimitrakakis, Christos, Bayesian Predictive State Representations, 2009.
Dimitrakakis, Christos and Mitrokotsa, Aikaterini, A statistical decision making principle for authentication and intrusion detection, 2009.
Dimitrakakis, Christos, Complexity of stochastic branch and bound for belief tree search in Bayesian reinforcement learning, number IAS-UVA-09-01, 2009.


Dimitrakakis, Christos and Lagoudakis, Michail G., Rollout Sampling Approximate Policy Iteration, in: Machine Learning, volume 72, number 3, pages 157-171, 2008. [DOI]
Dimitrakakis, Christos, Tree Exploration for Bayesian RL Exploration, in: Proceedings of the international conference on computational intelligence for modelling, control and automation, (CIMCA 08), 2008.
Dimitrakakis, Christos and Lagoudakis, Michail G., Algorithms and Bounds for Rollout Sampling Approximate Policy Iteration, in: Recent Advances in Reinforcement Learning, 8th European Workshop, EWRL 2008, pages 27-40, Villneuve d'Ascq, France, 2008. [DOI]
Dimitrakakis, Christos, Exploration in POMDPs, in: Österreichische Gesellschaft für Artificial Intelligence Journal, volume 1, pages 24-31, 2008.
Dimitrakakis, Christos and Savu-Krohn, Christian, Cost-minimising strategies for data labelling: optimal stopping and active learning, in: Proceedings of the 5th international symposium on Foundations of Information and Knowledge Systems (FoIKS 2008), pages 96-111, Springer, 2008.