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Cao, Yujia    

Institute:University of Twente 
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Cognitive load
Crisis management
Decision making
High-load HCI
Information presentation
Information systems
Modality choice
Modality planning
Multimodal conversation
Multimodal interfaces
Multimodal presentation
Physiological measurements
Qualitative evaluations
Time stress
Tunnel vision
Verbal communication

Publications as Author


Cao, Yujia, Mahr, Angela, Castronovo, Sandro, Theune, Mariet and Müller, Christian, Local Danger Warnings for Drivers: The Effect of Modality and Level of Assistance on Driver Reaction, in: International Conference on Intelligent User Interface (IUI'10), 2010.


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Niculescu, Andreea, Cao, Yujia and Nijholt, Anton, Manipulating stress and cognitive load in conversational interactions with a multimodal system for crisis management support, in: Development of Multimodal Interfaces: Active Listening and Synchrony, 2009.
Cao, Yujia, Theune, Mariet and Nijholt, Anton, Modality Effects on Cognitive Load and Performance in High-Load Information Presentation, in: Proceedings of The interaction conference on intelligent user interface (IUI’09), 2009.
Cao, Yujia, Theune, Mariet and Nijholt, Anton, Towards Cognitive-Aware Multimodal Presentation: The Modality Effects in High-Load HCI, in: International Conference on Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics (EPCE'09), 2009.
Cao, Yujia, Castronovo, Sandro, Mahr, Angela and Müller, Christian, On Timing and Modality Choice with Local Danger Warnings for Drivers, in: International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications (AutomotiveUI'09), 2009.
Cao, Yujia, Theune, Mariet and Nijholt, Anton, Decision making with a time limit: The effects of presentation modality and structure, in: European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics (ECCE'09), 2009.


Cao, Yujia and Nijholt, Anton, Modality planning for preventing tunnel vision in crisis management, in: Proceedings of Multimodal Output Generation (MOG'08), pages 6-9, The Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour, Aberdeen, UK, 2008.
Cao, Yujia, An information assistant system for the prevention of tunnel vision in crisis management, 2008.
Cao, Yujia, A psychology literature study on modality related issues for multimodal presentation in crisis management, 2008.