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Kester, Leon    

Institute:TNO Defence, Security and Safety 

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Data association
Intelligent Information Systems
Mulit-hypothesis tracking
Multi Agent Systems
Multiple qualitatively different state representations
Multiple-hypothesis tracking
Reinforcement learning
Semi-autonomous Systems
Sensor Fusion
System Architecture

Publications as Author


van Seijen, Harm, Bakker, Bram and Kester, Leon, Switching between Different State Representations in Reinforcement Learning, in: Proceedings of the Artificial Intelligence and Applications Conference, 2008.


van Seijen, Harm, Bakker, Bram and Kester, Leon, Reinforcement Learning with Multiple, Qualitatively Different State Representations, in: NIPS workshop Hierarchical methods, Vancouver, Canada, 2007.


van Kleef, Jelle, Kester, Leon, Bergmans, Jeroen and Groen, Frans, Mulitple-Hypothesis Trilateration and Tracking with Distributed Radars, in: Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Fusion 2006, pages 1-7, Florence, Italy, 2006.
van Kleef, Jelle and Kester, Leon, Adaptive State Multiple-Hypothesis Tracking, in: Proceedings of Informatik 2006, pages 339-343, 2006.
Kester, Leon, Model for Networked Adaptive Interactive Hybird Systems, in: Proceed- ings of COGIS 2006: COGnitive systems with Interactive Sensors (COGIS 2006), 15-17 March 2006, Paris, 2006.