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Type of publication:Techreport
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TitleCoordination in Multi-Agent Systems
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Year published 2005
Month November
Institution University of Amsterdam
Keywords coordination,multi-agent systems
This document was written for two purposes. First to elaborate on the design of this research project which is dealt with in the first chapter. The second purpose was to gain some insight in the literature on agent technology which is dealt with in the second chapter. The first chapter gives an overview of the project. It starts with a statement on the overall project goals and a discussion of some of the issues that arise in crisis situations which we will have to take into account during the project. We then continue with a problem statement which is a more specific description of our research and this results in a set of research questions. Finally an approach is described of how we intend to find answers to these research questions. The second chapter of this deliverable consists of a literature review on agent technology. This literature review intends to provide some background in agent technology literature and it discusses the following topics: What are intelligent agents? What architectures exist to design agents and how can we compare them? How can knowledge be represented in an agent and how can the agent use this knowledge for reasoning? What are the different aspects in communication between agents.
Ghijsen, Mattijs
Jansweijer, Wouter
Wielinga, Bob
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