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Type of publication:Techreport
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TitleAutomated Negotiation - A State of The Art
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Year published 2005
Month October
Institution Thales Research and Technology France
Keywords automated,negotiation
This deliverable is a state of the art on automated negotiation techniques for multi-agent systems. Negotiation is a subject of research in a variety of domains, such as social choice, economics, rhetoric, game theory, multi-criteria decision making, knowledge management, and so on, from many years but the automated negotiation in a multi-agent environment has only less than ten years old. Therefore, we present main techniques used in multi-agent systems enabling automated negotiation such as voting, bargaining, auctions and contracting. Negotiation is used to solve more efficiently logistics and crisis management problems, among others, when at least two parties are involved in the decision process. Most of the current negotiation approaches only deal with problems concerning mono-dimensional negotiation, i.e. which only concern a single negotiation dimension, such as allocating a single task to a co- workers. But recently, some studies have been conducted on the topic of combined negotiations, in which the negotiation process concerns multiple interrelated objectives, a more realistic modeling of what occurs in real world applications. Therefore, we suggest to study the problem of multi-criteria and combined negotiation in multi-agents systems by first realizing a state of the art on negotiation techniques for multi-agent systems.
Hemaissia, Miniar
Labreuche, Christophe
Mattioli, Juliette
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