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TitleEnhanced Maritime Situation Awareness with Negotiator Agents
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Booktitle Proceedings of the workshop on Defence Applications of Multi-Agents System (DAMAS 2005) at tthe Fourth International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agents Systems (AAMAS 2005)
Year published 2005
Month July
Pages 108-117
Location 25-27 July 2005, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Keywords maritime,negotiator agents
French coastguard missions have become increasingly varied implying new challenges such as the reduction of the decision cycle and the expansion of available information. Thus, it involves new needs for enhanced decision support. An efficient situation awareness system has to quickly detect and identify suspicious boats. The efficiency of such a system relies on a reliable sensor fusion since a coastguard uses sensors to achieve his mission. We present an innovative approach based on multi-agent negotiation to fuse classifiers, benefiting from the efficiency of existing classification tools and from the flexibility and reliability of a multi-agent system to exploit distributed data across dispersed sources. We developed a first prototype using a basic negotiation protocol in order to validate the feasibility and the interest of our approach. The results obtained are promising and encourage us to continue on this way.
Hemaissia, Miniar
El Fallah Seghrouchni, Amal
Mattioli, Juliette
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