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TitleDynamic Service Reconfiguration and Enactment Using an Open Matching Architecure
Bibtex cite IDrefx_Splunter_2009a,
Booktitle Proceedings of the International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence, Porto, Portugal
Year published 2009
Month January
URL http://www.iids.org/aigaion/?page=publication&kind=single&ID=270
Keywords Web services,self-management
An architecture for dynamic reconfiguration of complex services, in which the enactment is automated, and the matching of services is not limited to a pre-determined set of matchers and repositories, is presented. The proposed architecture consists of three, previously developed, components: the CoWS template-based reconfiguration service, the Knoogle MatchMaker service, and the Triana workflow enactment engine. This architecture has the following innovative aspects: 1) automated adaptation of complex services, which is more flexible than existing approaches based on replacing failing instances of services within a workflow, 2) use of heterogeneous components that may be both local and distributed, and 3) dynamic selection of matchers and repositories.
van Splunter, Sander
Brazier, Frances
Padget, Julian
Rana, Omer
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