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TitleReconfiguration Management of Crisis Management Services
Bibtex cite IDrefx_Veelen_2008a
Booktitle The 15th conference of the International Emergency Management Society (TIEMS 2008)
Year published 2008
URL http://www.iids.org/aigaion/?page=publication&kind=single&ID=258
Keywords self-management,web-services,crisis-management,autonomous systems
Management in crisis response requires continuous adaptation, for crisis situations are highly dynamic. Crisis response in general involves multiple parties, each with their own autonomy and capabilities, leading to differentiations in structure, goals and strategies, and constraints for cooperation. A crisis management system needs to support distributed and continuous adaptation on different levels of organisation, in a reliable fashion, ensuring at least some minimal level of service for every defined task. This paper presents an architecture of a generic reflective autonomic management system (GRAM). The GRAM system tackles this real-time configuration challenge by the combination of a template-based configuration system (COWS) and a workflow-based configuration system (SMDS). The first proof-of-concept GRAM system shows a reliable and predictive performance in changing environments. Future work includes extending the current realisation and validating its performance in more realistic settings.
van Veelen, Bernard
van Splunter, Sander
Wijngaards, Niek
Brazier, Frances
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