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TitleCognitive Control and Decision Making: Experimentation 2009
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Year published 2009
Number D-CIS RR/2009-005
Institution D-CIS Lab
Keywords cognitive control,decision making,experimentation
In this research report two experiments are described that investigate the role of cognitive control in decision making. In the first experiment, it was investigated whether high levels of cognitive control influence novel information seeking in the beads in a jar task and whether high cognitive control individuals make better decisions. High cognitive control individuals inquire more information before making a decision, and made more correct decisions. However, they did not make better decisions because they inquired more information. It is still to be investigated whether this better performance is mediated by different strategies used during the task. Furthermore, the results should be replicated for less abstract decision making tasks. The second experiment investigated whether cognitive control plays a role in moral dilemmas and whether moral dilemmas, posing a demanding situation, lead to changes in levels in cognitive control. Levels of cognitive control did not predict responses or response latencies in different types of moral dilemmas, but response latencies on personal and impersonal moral dilemmas predicted changes in cognitive control. Thinking long about non-utilitarian responses on high conflict personal moral dilemmas led to an increase in cognitive control whereas the opposite was true for impersonal moral dilemmas. This indicates that the situation at hand can have an impact on subsequent levels of cognitive control. In this research report, the methodology and results of both experiments are described elaborately and the results are shortly discussed.
Rondeel, Eefje
Holland, Rob
Wijngaards, Niek
Kempen, Masja
van Knippenberg, Ad
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