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Oliehoek, Frans, A survey of multi-agent planning for embodied agents: Dec-POMDPs, POSGs and other models, 2006.
Keywords:survey, multi-agent planning, embodied agents

Mobach, David, Abbink, Erwin, Fioole, Pieterjan, Lentink, Ramon, Kroon, Leo, van der Heijden, Eddy and Wijngaards, Niek, Train Driver Rescheduling using Task-Exchange Teams, in: Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on: Optimisation in Multi-Agent Systems (OPTMAS) at AAMAS 2009, 2009.
Keywords:distributed systems, experimental, multi-agent planning, crew rescheduling, railway, actor-agent

Oliehoek, Frans, Value-based Planning for Teams of Agents in Stochastic Partially Observable Environments, University of Amsterdam, 2009.
Keywords:multi-agent decision making, multi-agent planning