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de Lignie, Marc, Hu, BeiBei and Wijngaards, Niek, Improved Situation Awareness for Public Safety Workers while Avoiding Information Overload, in: Proceedings of the BNAIC 2008, the twentieth Belgian-Dutch Artificial Intelligence Conference, pages 333-334, 2008.
Keywords:MOSAIC, personalisation

Rutledge, Lloyd, Aroyo, Lora, Brussee, L., Stash, Natalia, Wang, Y., Cramer, Henriette, Evers, Vanessa and Ramlal, Satyan, Recommendation with Semantics for Cultural Heritage, in: International Workshop on Personalization Enhanced Access to Cultural Heritage, pages 59-70, Corfu, Greece, 2007.
Keywords:recommender, personalisation, cultural heritage, semantics, semantic web