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Balaguer, Benjamin, Balakirsky, Stephen, Carpin, Stefano and Visser, Arnoud, Evaluating maps produced by urban search and rescue robots: lessons learned from RoboCup, in: Autonomous Robots, volume 27, ISSN 1573-7527, 2009. [DOI]
Balakirsky, Stephen, Carpin, Stefano and Visser, Arnoud, Evaluation of The RoboCup 2009 Virtual Robot Rescue Competition, in: Proceedings of the 9th Performance Metrics for Intelligent Systems Workshop (PERMIS 2009), 21-23 September 2009, Gaithersburg, MD, USA, 2009.
Akin, H. Levent, Ito, Nobuhiro, Jacoff, Adam, Kleiner, Alexander, Pellenz, Johannes and Visser, Arnoud, RoboCup Rescue Robot and Simulation Leagues, in: AI Magazine, volume 34, number 1, pages 78-86, 2013.
Balakirsky, Stephen, Carpin, Stefano, Kleiner, Alexander, Lewis, Michael, Visser, Arnoud, Wang, Jijun and Ziparo, Vittorio Amos, Towards heterogeneous robot teams for disaster mitigation: Results and Performance Metrics from RoboCup Rescue, in: Journal of Field Robotics, volume 24, number 11-12, pages 943-967, ISSN 1556-4967, 2007. [DOI]