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Comes, Tina, Hiete, Michael and Schultmann, Frank, A decision support system for multi-criteria decision problems under severe uncertainty in longer-term emergency management, in: Proceedings of the 25th Mini EURO Conference on Uncertainty and Robustness in Planning and Decision Making (URPDM 2010), University of Coimbra, April 15-17, 2010, 2010.
Keywords:Robust Decision Making, MCDA, SBR

Comes, Tina, Conrado, Claudine, Hiete, Michael, Kamermans, Michiel, Pavlin, Gregor and Wijngaards, Niek, An intelligent decision support system for decision making under uncertainty in distributed reasoning frameworks, in: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM 2010) Seattle, Washington, USA May 2010, 2010.
Keywords:distributed reasoning, MCDA, SBR, intelligent system

Comes, Tina, Hiete, Michael, Schultmann, Frank and Wijngaards, Niek, Decision Maps: A framework for multi-criteria decision support under severe uncertainty, in: Decision Support Systems, volume 52, number 1, pages 108-118, 2011. [DOI]
Keywords:Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA), Scenario-Based Reasoning (SBR), robust decision-making, distributed reasoning, multi-agent systems, strategic emergency management

Comes, Tina, Hiete, Michael and Schultmann, Frank, Einsatz von Szenarien im Notfallmanagement zur Informations-verarbeitung und Entscheidungsunterstützung, in: Proceedings 10. Forum Katastrophenvorsorge, Bonn, 23.-24. November 2009, 2009.
Keywords:Emergency Management, MCDA, SBR

Comes, Tina, Hiete, Michael, Wijngaards, Niek and Schultmann, Frank, Integrating scenario-based reasoning into a multi-criteria decision support system for emergency management, in: Advanced ICTs for Disaster Management and Threat Detection: Collaborative and Distributed Frameworks, IGI Global, 2009.
Keywords:ICTs, distributed reasoning, MCDA, SBR

Comes, Tina, Hiete, Michael and Merz, Mirjam, Integration szenariobasierter Methoden in die multikriterielle Entscheidungsunterstützung mit Hilfe von Causal Maps, in: Proceedings GOR Workshop Göttingen, 11.-13. März 2009, 2009.
Keywords:MCDA, SBR