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Cramer, Henriette, Evers, Vanessa, van Someren, Maarten and Wielinga, Bob, Awareness, Training and Trust in Interaction with Adaptive Spam Filters, in: Proceedings of the 27th international conference on Human factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2009), pages 909-912, 2009.
Cramer, Henriette, Evers, Vanessa, Kemper, Nicander and Wielinga, Bob, Effects of Autonomy, Traffic Conditions and Driver Personality Traits on Attitudes and Trust towards In-Vehicle Agents, in: Proceedings WI-IAT’08, Workshop on Human Aspects in Ambient Intelligence, HAI’08, pages 477-482, IEEE, Sydney, Australia, 2008. [DOI]
Cramer, Henriette, Interaction with user-adaptive information filters. Trust, transparency and acceptance, in: CHI ‘07 extended abstracts, pages 1633-1636, ACM, San Jose, Ca, USA, 2007. [DOI]
Cramer, Henriette, Evers, Vanessa, van Someren, Maarten, Ramlal, Satyan, Rutledge, Lloyd, Stash, Natalia, Aroyo, Lora and Wielinga, Bob, The effects of transparency on trust and acceptance in interaction with a content-based art recommender, in: User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction, volume 18, number 5, pages 455-496, 2008. [DOI]
Cramer, Henriette, Evers, Vanessa, van Slooten, Tim, Ghijsen, Mattijs and Wielinga, Bob, Trying Too Hard? Effects of Mobile Agents’ (Inappropriate) Social Expressiveness on Trust, Affect and Compliance, in: Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI ’10), Atlanta, Georgia, 2010.
Cramer, Henriette, User-Adaptive Information Delivery: Trust, Acceptance and Transparancy, in: poster SIGCHI.NL conference 'The Web and beyond', Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2006.