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Viezzer, Manuela, Autonomous concept formation An architecture-based analysis, School of Computer Science, The University of Birmingham, UK, 2006.
Wijngaards, Niek, Kempen, Masja, Smit, Annika and Nieuwenhuis, Kees, Towards Sustained Team Effectiveness, in: Coordination, Organizations, Institutions, and Norms in Multi-Agent Systems, pages 35-47, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, ISBN 978-3-540-35173-3, 2006.


Amelink, Matthijs, Mulder, Max, van Paassen, Rene and Flach, John, Cognitive Systems Engineering Approach to Shared Situation Awareness for unmanned aerial vehicles., in: Proceeding of the 13th International Symposium on Aviation Psychology (ISAP 2005), pages 7-13, 2005.
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Faure, D., Interaction middleware V1 specifications, number TRT-Fr-T18, 2005.
Faure, D., Survey of interaction middleware principles, number TRT-Fr-T6, 2005.
Goujon, Bénédicte and Frigière, J., Extraction of Relations between Entities from Texts by Learning Methods, in: Information fusion for command systems, NATO IST055 panel, The Hague, The Netherlands, 2005.
Hemaissia, Miniar, Labreuche, Christophe and Mattioli, Juliette, Automated Negotiation - A State of The Art, 2005.
Hemaissia, Miniar, El Fallah Seghrouchni, Amal and Mattioli, Juliette, Enhanced Maritime Situation Awareness with Negotiator Agents, in: Proceedings of the workshop on Defence Applications of Multi-Agents System (DAMAS 2005) at tthe Fourth International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agents Systems (AAMAS 2005), pages 108-117, 25-27 July 2005, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2005.
de Jong, Jeroen, Challenges for Hybrid Metaheuristics in Elevator Dispatching, in: Proceedings of the 24th Workshop of the UK Planning and Scheduling Special Interest Group (PlanSIG 2005), pages 107-114, 2005.
Josset, François-Xavier and Mattioli, Juliette, Combined Management of Dynamics and Uncertainty in Risk Assessment, in: Symposium on Risk Management and Cyber-Informatics (RMCI 05), Orlando, Florida, 2005.
Kempen, Masja, Viezzer, Manuela, Bisson, Pascal and Nieuwenhuis, Kees, The challenges of designing an intelligent companion, in: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCII 2005), 22-27 July 2005, Las Vegas, USA, 2005.
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van der Most, Rob, Composition of the RISK Simulation Model: The Simulation Model Handbook, 2005.
van Norden, Wilbert, de Jong, Jeroen, Bolderheij, Fok and Rothkrantz, Leon, Intelligent task scheduling in sensor networks, in: Proceedings of the 8th international conference on information fusion, pages 1351-1358, IEEE, 2005.
Sikkema, Joris, Creating Scenarios in RISK, 2005.
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Smit, Annika, Eling, Paul, Hopman, M.T. and Coenen, Anton, Mental and physical effort affect vigilance differently, in: International Journal of Psychophysiology, volume 57, pages 211-217, 2005. [DOI]
Smit, Annika, Eling, Paul and Coenen, Anton, The physical component in subjective alertness: The Thayer Scale revisited, 2005.
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