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Comes, Tina, Hiete, Michael and Schultmann, Frank, Einsatz von Szenarien im Notfallmanagement zur Informations-verarbeitung und Entscheidungsunterstützung, in: Proceedings 10. Forum Katastrophenvorsorge, Bonn, 23.-24. November 2009, 2009.
Comes, Tina, Hiete, Michael, Wijngaards, Niek and Schultmann, Frank, Integrating scenario-based reasoning into a multi-criteria decision support system for emergency management, in: Advanced ICTs for Disaster Management and Threat Detection: Collaborative and Distributed Frameworks, IGI Global, 2009.
Comes, Tina, Hiete, Michael, Wijngaards, Niek and Kempen, Masja, Integrating Scenario-Based Reasoning into Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, in: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM 2009), 2009.
Comes, Tina, Hiete, Michael and Merz, Mirjam, Integration szenariobasierter Methoden in die multikriterielle Entscheidungsunterstützung mit Hilfe von Causal Maps, in: Proceedings GOR Workshop Göttingen, 11.-13. März 2009, 2009.
Cramer, Henriette, Evers, Vanessa, Winterboer, Andi, Pavlin, Gregor, Maris, Marinus and Groen, Frans, Interaction with autonomous, mobile agents in a hazard monitoring context, in: Workshop on Mobile User Experience Research at CHIí09, Boston, USA, 2009.
Gouman, Rianne, Actor-Agent Group Dynamics, number D-CIS RR/2009-004, 2009.
Gouman, Rianne, Kempen, Masja, Kampman, Marten and Wijngaards, Niek, SEAT Actor-Agent Team Experimentation, number D-CIS RR/2009-001, 2009.
Kuijpers, Roelof, Communication and Coordination in Actor/Agent Teams, University of Utrecht, dept. of Philosophy, 2009.
de Lignie, Marc, Hu, BeiBei, van der Meer, Kees, Kempen, Masja and Wijngaards, Niek, Information Provision for Situation Awareness: Indicative MOSAIC Experiment, number D-CIS RR/2009-003, 2009.
Mobach, David, Abbink, Erwin, Fioole, Pieterjan, Lentink, Ramon, Kroon, Leo, van der Heijden, Eddy and Wijngaards, Niek, Train Driver Rescheduling using Task-Exchange Teams, in: Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on: Optimisation in Multi-Agent Systems (OPTMAS) at AAMAS 2009, 2009.
de Oude, Patrick and Pavlin, Gregor, Constraint-based Approach to Discovery of Inter Module Dependencies in Modular Bayesian Networks, in: Proceedings of the 22nd International FLAIRS Conference, Sanibel Island, Florida, USA, 2009.
de Oude, Patrick and Pavlin, Gregor, Dependence Discovery in Modular Bayesian Networks, number IAS-UVA-09-02, 2009.
de Oude, Patrick and Pavlin, Gregor, Efficient Distributed Bayesian Reasoning via Targeted Instantiation of Variables, in: IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology, 2009.
Pavlin, Gregor, Kamermans, Michiel and Scafes, Mihnea, Gregor Pavlin, Michiel Kamermans, and Mihnea Scafes Dynamic Process Integration Framework: Toward E cient Information Processing in Complex Distributed Systems, in: IDC 2009 - 3rd International Symposium on Intelligent Distributed Computing October 13-14, 2009., 2009.
Pavlin, Gregor, Wijngaards, Niek and Nieuwenhuis, Kees, Towards a Single Information Space for Environmental Management through Self- Configuration of Distributed Information Processing Systems, in: Proceedings of the TOWARDS eENVIRONMENT Opportunities of SEIS and SISE: Integrating Environmental Knowledge in Europe, pages 94-103, Masaryk University, 2009.
Quillinan, Thomas, Brazier, Frances, Aldewereld, Huib, Dignum, Virginia, Dignum, Frank, Penserini, Loris and Wijngaards, Niek, Developing Agent-based Organizational Models for Crisis Management, in: In proceedings of Eighth Joint Conference on Autonomous and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS 2009), 2009.
Rondeel, Eefje, Holland, Rob, Wijngaards, Niek, Kempen, Masja and van Knippenberg, Ad, Cognitive Control and Decision Making: Experimentation 2009, number D-CIS RR/2009-005, 2009.
Rondeel, Eefje, Literature Review and Work Plan on Cognitive Control and Decision Making, 2009.
van Santen, Willem, Jonker, Catholijn M. and Wijngaards, Niek, Crisis Decision Making Through a Shared Integrative Negotiation Mental Model, in: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM 2009), 10-13 May 2009, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2009.
Winterboer, Andi, Cramer, Henriette, Pavlin, Gregor, Groen, Frans and Evers, Vanessa, `Do you smell rotten eggs?' Evaluating interactions with mobile agents in crisis response situations, in: Proceedings MobileHCI'09, Bonn, Germany, 2009.
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