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Winterboer, Andi, Cramer, Henriette, Pavlin, Gregor, Groen, Frans and Evers, Vanessa, ‘Do you smell rotten eggs?’ Evaluating interactions with mobile agents in crisis response situations, in: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services, Bonn, Germany, 2009.


Amelink, Matthijs, Mulder, Max and van Paassen, Rene, Designing for Human-Automation Interaction: Abstraction-Sophistication Analysis for UAV Control, in: Proceedings of the International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists 2008 (IMECS 2008), pages 318-323, International Association of Engineers (IAE), 19-21 March 2008, Hong Kong, 2008.
Gouman, Rianne, Kampman, Marten, Kempen, Masja, Kuijpers, Roelof and Wijngaards, Niek, SEAT Actor-only Team Try-out Experimentation of July 2008, 2008.
Gouman, Rianne, Kempen, Masja, van der Heijden, Eddy, Wijngaards, Niek, de Vree, Philip and Capello, Toon, The Borsele Files: The Challenge of Acquiring Usable Data under Chaotic Circumstances, in: International Journal of Emergency Management, volume 5, number 1/2, pages 57-74, ISSN 1471-4825, 2008.
Hood, Thomas, Pavlin, Gregor, de Oude, Patrick, Maris, Marinus and Nunnink, Jan, A Multi Agent Systems Approach to Distributed Bayesian Information Fusion, in: International Journal on Multi-sensor Multi-source Information Fusion, 2008.
de Jong, Jeroen, Burghouts, Gertjan, Hiemstra, Hans, te Marvelde, Arjan, van Norden, Wilbert, Schutte, Klamer and Spaans, Mink, Hold Your Fire!: Preventing Fratricide in the Dismounted Soldier Domain, in: C2 for Complex Endeavors, Department of Defense Command and Control Research Program, 2008.
de Oude, Patrick and Pavlin, Gregor, An Information Theoretic Approach to Verification of Modular Bayesian Fusion Systems, in: The 11th International Conference on Information Fusion, 2008.
Rondeel, Eefje, Holland, Rob, Kempen, Masja and Wijngaards, Niek, In the mood for change: the influence of mood on change blindness, in: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFEI 2008), USA Publishing, 2008.
Rondeel, Eefje, Mood manipulations and mood measures, 2008.
Rondeel, Eefje, Kempen, Masja, Wijngaards, Niek and Nieuwenhuis, Kees, The influence of stress and mood on time-constrained decision making in crisis situations: to what extent can we predict human performance?, in: Proceedings of the International Conference on Human Centered Processes (HCP 2008), pages 155-168, D-CIS Lab, 8-12 June 2008, Delft, The Netherlands, 2008.
Rondeel, Eefje, To push or not to push: Utilitarian decisions take longer in a positive mood, 2008.
Wijngaards, Niek and van der Heijden, Eddy, De Informatie-Assistent, in: VMHP Nieuws, volume 106, number 2, pages 30-31, 2008.
Abbink, Erwin, Mobach, David, Fioole, Pieterjan, Kroon, Leo, Wijngaards, Niek and van der Heijden, Eddy, Actor-Agent Based Approach to Train Driver Rescheduling, in: Proceedings of the 20th Belgian-Dutch Conference on Artificial Intelligence (BNAIC 2008), pages 1-8, Bad Boekelo, 2008.
de Lignie, Marc, Hu, BeiBei and Wijngaards, Niek, Improved Situation Awareness for Public Safety Workers while Avoiding Information Overload, in: Proceedings of the BNAIC 2008, the twentieth Belgian-Dutch Artificial Intelligence Conference, pages 333-334, 2008.


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Gouman, Rianne, Kempen, Masja, de Vree, Philip, Capello, Toon, van der Heijden, Eddy and Wijngaards, Niek, Evaluatie 'Focus op Berichtenverkeer', Oefening te Gemeente Borsele, 2007.
Gouman, Rianne, Kempen, Masja, de Vree, Philip, Capello, Toon, van der Heijden, Eddy and Wijngaards, Niek, The Borsele Files: The Challenge of Acquiring Usable Data under Chaotic Circumstances, in: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM 2007), pages 93-103, 13-16 May 2007, Delft, The Netherlands, 2007.
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Kempen, Masja, Wijngaards, Niek and Gouman, Rianne, Sustained Effectiveness of Actor-Agent Teams: Explorations & Demarcations, 2007.
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